RJ HexEdit

RJ HexEdit 2.62

A text and binary editor that will let you edit (or view) any existing file
2.62 (See all)

RJ HexEdit is a text and binary editor. It will let you edit (or view) any existing file, or let you create a new one. You can copy text strings into another program. For instance text into a C++ compiler as a string. Several other formats are also available like Rich Text Format (Word and most other word processors support this).
You can also copy any binaries as a raw array or as formatted text into for instance a word processor and can insert (Append) a hole file into the document.

You can print any part of the file you want. If you want to print certain pages the editor helps you get the right page to print. Or you can select the text or binaries you'd like to print. Before you print you can view the document in the Print Preview.

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